Wine glasses by Sophienwald™: collection PHOENIX™!

Finest glassware of SOPHIENWALD™


  • World Best Glass: A series of wine glasses handmade glass-blown lead-free .
  • Collection PHOENIX™ - the design of our stemware is cut perfect in form: ultra-thin, lightweight and uncomplicated.
  • Finest wine glasses by SOPHIENWALD™ deliver wine at its best, meet the highest requirements of sommeliers, cellar masters and vintners.
  • Our drinking glasses yet are stable and dishwashersafe, and suit modern life.
  • We offer the best price - thus being affordable for each wine gourmant!

Fine Glassware from SOPHIENWALD™
- revives the tradition of handmade artisan glass-blowing

Glass-making in the area of Medival Bohemia and Lower Austria has been existing since 1371, when the first glassworks (the "Glashütten") were mentioned in historical books. For glass-making in old Bohemia, they used potash. So the glass was made more stable, and thus could be cut and trimmed.

Sophienwald was one of the famous glassworks, established near the small town of Neunagelberg, by the lord of Weitra im Forchenwald in 1725. We have recently, in 2014, created the new trademark SOPHIENWALD™ to continue and revive this old tradition of glass works.
Finest glassware of the trademark SOPHIENWALD™ is produced in the original country of traditional artisan handmade glassworks - refering to the famous Austrian glass making tradition existing since 1725 in the area of old Bohemia and Lower Austria.

Like "Phoenix rising out of ashes", we want to remember and re-start the Austrian glass making tradition. Thus the new collection of glass of SOPHIENWALD™ is called PHOENIX™.



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In Autumn 2016 NEW: Buy now also single piece packaged glass in TUBES.
Find here handmade wine glasses or champagne glasses of SOPHIENWALD™ as a small, yet fine present!


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